E339 - 磷酸钠

添加剂: E339 - 磷酸钠


功能: en:Emulsifier, 水分保持劑, en:Preservative, 螯合剂, en:stabilizer, en:Thickener

Sodium phosphate is a generic term for a variety of salts of sodium -Na+- and phosphate -PO43−-. Phosphate also forms families or condensed anions including di-, tri-, tetra-, and polyphosphates. Most of these salts are known in both anhydrous -water-free- and hydrated forms. The hydrates are more common than the anhydrous forms. - 维基百科


欧洲食品安全局的评价: Re‐evaluation of phosphoric acid–phosphates – di‐, tri‐ and polyphosphates -E 338–341, E 343, E 450–452- as food additives and the safety of proposed extension of use (2019/06/12)

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has determined that some population groups have a high risk of consuming too much E339 - 磷酸钠.

To evaluate your exposure to the E339 - 磷酸钠 food additive, you can browse our list of products that contain it. See the list of products with E339 - 磷酸钠 below.

  < 11至2岁3至9岁10至17岁18至64岁65+
(超过 50%)
超过50%以上的成员超过可接受的日摄入量的群体 (ADI)超过50%以上的成员超过可接受的日摄入量的群体 (ADI)超过50%以上的成员超过可接受的日摄入量的群体 (ADI)   
(超过 5%)
超过5%以上的成员超过可接受的日摄入量的群体 (ADI)超过5%以上的成员超过可接受的日摄入量的群体 (ADI)超过5%以上的成员超过可接受的日摄入量的群体 (ADI)超过5%以上的成员超过可接受的日摄入量的群体 (ADI)  

超过每日可接受摄入量的风险 (ADI) : 超过每日可接受摄入量的风险 (ADI)

名称: Orthophosphates de sodium, Phosphate monosodique, Phosphate disodique, Phosphate trisodique

国家: 中华人民共和国 - 查看来自全球的匹配产品